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Have you ever imagined visiting the Niagara Waterfalls, the Grand Canyon, the Amazon River, and Hawaii in just one week! This is possible only in Costa Rica!! The dramatic landscape is filled with great diversity because it is between two continents, and two oceans, this convergence of land and water makes the region a great bottleneck, rich in ecological diversity.

Costa Rica has awarded several times international recognitions as the best tourist destination in Latin America by Travel Weekly and Ecotourism destination by The International EcoTourism Society for due to its "Clean Travel" program and efforts for nature conservation.

Costa Rica General Information

North Pacific Northern Zone Caribbean Central Valley South Pacific Central Pacific Central Pacific


Fast flowing rivers give away to calm jungle rivers as the water reaches the lowlands. Dense tropical jungles touching white sand beaches, which are etched with inlets, peninsulas and bays. The 1,000 km of coastline on the Pacific side and 200 km on the Caribbean side are lined with beautiful black volcanic and white sand beaches, where you can choose either to discover the beauties of the underwater world or just to relax.

The "ticos" (Costa Ricans) are well known as friendly, hospitality, polite and helpful people, ready to offer a friendly gesture needed any moment. You will feel at home because we love to share our culture and natural treasures with the visitors.

We are located only 2 and half hours away from Miami. The climate is tropical, the average temperature varies around 27º C / 80º F, with only two seasons: dry from November to April and rainy from May to October with a "little summer" in the month of July and half August. Due to its topography, the climate varies from "Eternal Spring" in the upper Central Valley (year round average of 23ºC) to the lowland coastal regions that vary between 21º C to 32º C depending of the Season. 

You can wear comfortable clothes all year long to any place you go. If you are visiting high altitude areas like Monteverde Cloud Forest a light jacket and raincoat is suggested.

The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish (97% of the population) Almost every tourism related business and resort throughout the country have employees who also speak English and other languages.

The Colón (¢1,00) is the national currency of Costa Rica. The exchange rate against the US dollar can vary day by day, but as of July 2017, it is 565 colones per dollar. You can check the actual rate of the dollar in

This is great news if you have dollars or euros !!  Every day you have more colones to spend!

Costa Rica is a peaceful society, it is the oldest democracy in Latin America. This fact has gained international recognition for its educational system assuring a very high literacy rate, an achievement very few countries in Latin American can claim.

The words that best describe Costa Rica are perhaps "pura vida". It means "pure life" and that is what visitors to this Central American country will find. From exotic animal life to exotic scenery, travelers will find themselves inexorably drawn to Costa Rica and its residents.


Costa Rica offers it all!  In such a small territory of 51.100 km2 (about the size of West Virginia) you can visit in just a few days active volcanoes, rain forests, cloud forests, romantic secluded beaches, white water rivers, tranquil canals.


You can create memorable experiences by living the adventure of a lifetime on the white water river rafting or the "tarzan experience" on the zip lines, the waterfalls rappelling, tubbing, cave exploring, horsebackriding, ATV, Sportfishing, etc.


If you prefer you can just relax an enjoy a good coffee while you’re surrounded by wild nature and the only noise are the birds  singing around. Costa Rica is divided into 6 main tourist areas:


The first place you should visit in this peaceful land is the Central Valley where San Jose, the capital, is located. This is the most cosmopolitan area in the country; visitors like to spend time here exploring,museums and enjoying shopping and dining. There are some spectacular volcanoes like Irazu and Poas that vividly remind visitors of the awesome power contained in the earth’s thin mantle. The impressive Lankaster Garden for orchid lovers is an excellent place to visit if you like plants, but if you want moreadventure you may also enjoy rafting the waters of the Pacuare River.


For nature lovers, the country has over 15 different ecosystems, the traveler is exposed to a wide variety of flora and fauna.  In the central zone you can visit the Braulio Carrillo Park, one of the protection areas in the country (24.6% of the Costa Rican territory are protected areas as National Parks, Biological Reserves and National Wildlife Refuges), and see nature from the treetops in the Aerial Tram.

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The Caribbean is the next place you will have to visit, this is the land of the coconut trees, the Calypso music and the melting pot of different races, the Black, Chinese, White and indigenous communities live together harmoniously. The scenery is a tropical plantation such as bananas, ornamental plants or pejibaye a popular native plant of exquisite color and flavor. Important scientific investigations take place in Tortuguero, the nesting of the green marine turtle and crocodiles.


The Caribbean is in Limon province, to the south you find Cahuita, Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo, one of the few places in the world that houses a large quantity of marine ecosystems in each square meter. There you will be able to find 35 corals species, 147 species of mollusks, 123 species of fresh water and salt-water fish and 128 species of marine algae. The surf lovers will find the emotion in Bonita, Puerto Viejo, Westfalia and Uvita Island beaches, because one of the most famous waves in the world ("Salsa Brava" up to 40 feet high) is there, in Puerto Viejo.

On the north Caribbean you’ll find one of our jewels: Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado world known for Turtle Nesting

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The Pacific Coast is especially attractive to tourists in search of beautiful beaches. The Central Pacific beaches are located less than 2 hours away from the capital (San Jose). The region offers top conditions for tourists from deluxe international hotels to welcoming lodges. There is Puntarenas, this was the most important port in Costa Rica during most of the XIX century. Caldera is located on the lower part of Puntarenas, it is a visiting point for several international cruise lines and port for ships that import and export products to Central America and the world.

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The Northern Pacific zone is filled with beautiful, varied textured and colorful sand beaches. This is the land of folklore, music, color, delicious typical dishes. It has its own International Airport called Daniel Oduber by which you can enter directly this land of enchantment with its five star beach hotels, small lodges and exciting activities like scuba diving in the deep blue sea, fishing and golf.

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In the South Pacific you can find another beaches with prismatic waters full of turquoise reflections and blunt waves that slide over the white and gray sands.

Corcovado National Park  "the most biologically intense place on Earth" as National Geographic has called this region is an incredible place were you can feel and experience nature at its best!

There is the Cerro Chirripo (3.820 meters above sea level) the highest point in Costa Rica. Pure nature, 100% untouched Rain Forest Reserve. You will find here a little piece of heaven where you will be able to observe wonderful animals in their natural habitat such as monkeys, ocelots, scarlet macaws and in the sea, the whales and dolphins will swim by your side.This is truly the best place to see wild life and either hike or rest surrounded by the calm that only nature can give you.

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The Northern zone home of the Arenal Volcano and the Monteverde Cloud Forest is a must on your visit to Costa Rica.

Despite this massive eruption, the Arenal volcano retained its almost perfect conical shape. Due to its continuing activity ash columns, massive explosions, and glowing red lava flows almost daily since 1968

Monteverde Cloud Forest is located in the mountains in the north central area of Costa Rica. Breezy and cold, The village of Monteverde was founded in 1951 by Quakers from the United States. Today Monteverde is a peaceful community made up of dairy farmers, naturalists and tourism service providers who have joined together to create a model for sustainable development and protection of the environment that is becoming known throughout the world.

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