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The singular geographic beauty of Costa Rica’s northern plains make this region the prefect adventure and relaxation spot, with activities for everyone!

Arenal Volcano National Park is part of the Area de Conservación Arenal, which protects most of the Cordillera de Tilarán. It contains half the species of land welling vertebrates (birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians) known in Costa Rica. The Arenal volcano was temporarily dormant form about 1500 AD until July 29, 1968, when huge explosions triggered lava flows that destroyed two villages.

Despite this massive eruption, the volcano retained its almost perfect conical shape. Due to its continuing activity ash columns, massive explosions, and glowing red lava flows almost daily since 1968. For 42 years, Arenal Volcano was Costa Rica’s most active volcano with flowing lava and explosions that attracted tourists by the tens of thousands from all over the world. Since 2010, Arenal Volcano has been in a resting phase with little activity. Still, the sleeping giant fascinates visitors with its lava fields and occasional emissions of water vapor and gases.

Thanks to the Arenal Volcano’s geothermal activity, there is a number of natural hot springs throughout the area. Warm and soothing, these springs offer visitors an ideal way to relax after a day spent exploring Arenal.

The closest town to the volcano is La Fortuna de San Carlos.

Activities you may perform around: canopy tours, hanging bridges in the forest, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing at the Arenal lake, Wind surfing, Tour to Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, Tour to Venado Caves, visiting the hot springs, and more.

Monteverde is one of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica famous for its cloud forest, resplendent quetzals, and bellbirds. The name “Monteverde” refers to a small community founded by North American Quakers in 1951 and to the cloud forest reserve that lies adjacent to the community. Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1972, with the help of international organizations. Gradually, more land was acquired and added to the reserve.

The size of the Monteverde Reserve is estimated of about 17,000 hectares, combined with another 7,000 hectares (or more) of the neighboring Children’s Rainforest. The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve was created in 1989. Four trails around the reserve offer walks of varying length and difficulty, from 45 minutes to 3 and half-hours. Over 2,000 plant species are native to the area, as well as over 400 birds and 100 mammals.

Among these species are black guan, great green macaw, resplendent quetzal, three-wattled bellbird, bare-necked umbrella bird, baird’s tapir, jaguar and ocelot. Towns: Monteverde and Santa Elena (both very quiet).

Activities to do: canopy tours and its variations: Sky Walk (on hanging bridges) and Sky Trek (High speed sliding hanging from wires), horseback riding, hiking, birdwatching, visit to the Butterfly garden, the Herpetarium, the Cheese factory, and more.

Rio Celeste is one of the natural wonders of Costa Rica

In the middle of a green setting, home to pumas and tapirs, there is a turquoise river that makes us dream of the sky, despite its smell of sulfur.

“God, exhausted from painting the sky, took a break and put the brushes in the water of a river, dyeing it turquoise”. Thus, legend says,

The landscape is a work of art. Even the most stressed person gives in to the feeling of peace and tranquility.

It is a sky that smells of sulfur, because it is located in the foothills of the Tenorio volcano , in the national park that bears the name of the colossus.

Rio Celeste, its waterfalls and “Los Teñideros” are the main attractions of the destination; But within the park there are more treasures: hot springs, panoramic views, nature trails, wildlife sightings …

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