Kite surfing is an incredible experience! You can fly on the water up to 10 meters (30 feet) high and easily plain, stopping at all limitations due to metereological conditions or to the sea: you can always enjoy yourself, jumping and realizing acrobatics.

KITESURFING LESSONS (gear always included)

We reccomend to take the Absolute beginner course for getting started and then 2 or 3 days of private lessons to really start to kitesurf: usually, after about 12 hours of lesson students are able to kitesurf in both direction. Students are able to go upwind and go back at the same spot where they started after 20/25 hours of practice.


Costa Rica windsurfing is at it's finest on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica. The Windsurf and Water Sports Center is open year round providing windsurfers and other sport enthusiasts a comfortable home for Costa Rica windsurfing adventures.
Windsurf center on Lake Arenal offer a complete new line of RealWind boards and sails for the finest in windsurf fun on high winds and lake chop conditions. Windsurf Lessons are offered for the beginners to advanced students.
Lake Arenal Costa Rica has warm waters, strong and steady seasonal winds, and a unique country style not easily matched by other world class windsurf locations.


Costa Rica provides unquestionably the most fascinating ballooning in the world -- low and slow drifting, over rain forests or mountain villages, caressing the tops of giants trees, dipping into white water rivers, chasing monkeys in the tree-tops. With the right climactic conditions, we sometimes find ourselves ascending to watch awesome Arenal volcano erupting above its halo of clouds.
Each of the distinctly different areas we've chosen to fly has special beauty, and each rewards us in very special ways.

Ballooning in San Carlos
We take off in the balloon approximately 20 miles east of Arenal Volcano.
Sometimes we are blessed with breaks in the clouds so we can ascend above and sit atop a foamy sea of white. Our only company up there is the majestic (and often puffing) Arenal volcano. We don't fly close (there's real danger in approaching the volcano -- we maintain at least 15 miles from the base) but sometimes we have a view that can only be appreciated from an aerial advantage.
Our real goal, however, is to fly low over nearby rivers and fields and forests, to play with the clouds, to laugh with the animals. The forests of this area are filled with monkeys and iguanas, and sometimes we
can get a full chorus calling up to us from the trees.
But the real point of flying in the balloon is to experience the joy of flight, open and free, in a wicker basket.

Ballooning near Turrialba
We fly near Turrialba (the white water capital, about 2 hours EAST of San José), with primary forest surrounding us as we descend through a small valley -- the trees are within touching distance of our basket. The trees here are alive with birds and bird song. We try (just briefly) to kiss the white water below us before we land.
The mountainous terrain, the layers of clouds above and below us, the gentle villages on steep hillsides -- the Turrialba hot air balloon option is a glorious way to watch the day awake.
Minimun 2 passengers



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