In the heart of Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, 4 hours 30 minutes driving from San José, in the province of Limón. Also, 40 minutes fly to Limón and 1 hour driving to Gandoca Manzanillo.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Is a delightful relaxing place with the magic touch of Nature; a unique idea for accommodation.
This is a rare opportunity to get a feeling for the jungle, living in the wild, while maintaining a level of luxury in tents over a platform lifted up on stilts and orchids hang from the branches and like in a fairy tale. 
For instance, you are able to buy Bribri handicrafts, eat delicious Italian food, listen to reggae and calypso music, and talk to the old-timers. You will discover this friendly and easy environment.Towns and beaches: Cahuita, Puerto Vargas, Pirikikí Beach, Chiquita Beach, Cocles Beach, Uva Beach, and Manzanillo Beach. Activities you may perform: diving, surfing, hiking, sport fishing, dolphin tour, tour to Kekoldi Native Reserves, horseback riding, bird watching, and more.


Imagine the two of you in the Caribbean... Place a tent up on stilts on a wooden platform, with hammock and  jungle view. Add a gold sand beach, a restaurant incrustrated in the jungle with excellent meals, a bar, a marvelous staff , a jacuzzi in the heart of the rainforest and .camping might not be so rustic after all.                    

PRICE RANGE:  US$120 to US$170
INCLUDED: Breakfast, dinner and taxes

All rooms have the unquestionable seal of a tent since 1993:
- 25 square meters
- two twin beds
- two side tables,
- two electric lamps,
- one hammock,
- one sofa bed,
- cloth hanger,
- full body mirror,
- fan,
- bathroom with hot water,
- hair dryer,
- shampoo, rinse and environmental perfume.
- mosquito netting.

With greater amplitude and privacy:
Junior Suite
Standard Suite
Master Suite

- Restaurant
- Bar 
- Jacuzzi
- Laundry Service
- Tours
- Airport Transfer
- Hiking
- Souvenirs Store
- Parking Lot

OTHER: Luggage storage, private transportation.

For further information contact us:
Tel (506) 2273 80 00 / (506) 8384 77 48
Fax (506) 2273 14 64

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