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There are several Canopy Tours around the country, we are given you below some options but if you don't find there the place you would like to do your tour please contact us and we will give you some more options.


Sky walk in Monteverde.

Duration: 2 hours
It's a combination of suspension bridges and platforms built in the cloud forest of Monteverde that offers an opportunity to explore the forest canopy in a safe and easy manner. The tour includes 2.5 kilometers of trails and six suspension bridges across deep canyons at the level of the treetops. The longest bridge is about 243 meters in length. 
Skywalk allows a vision of the forest from a different perspective, which stars with a walk on the ground through the forest, and takes you up to explore the tops of the trees.

Sky Trek in Monteverde

On this tour you will be able to enjoy the forest and beautiful views from a different angle. Includes 2.3KM of combined trails and transversal cables, with sizes from 40 to 750 mts length and two observation platforms. The tour last around 2.5 hours. Combination Sky Trek and Sky Walk is also possible.

Sky Tram Tour in Arenal

Go up with the Sky Tram at our slow pace so you can enjoy the views, observe the change of vegetation as the altitude changes & take some photos during the ride. You will be accompanied by our bilingual guide and you can ask him at anytime to make some stops to observe a particular scene, animal or bird.
There is a spacious observation deck at the top with chairs and you can spend as much time as you like observing the volcano, Lake Arenal & surrounding

Sky Tram and Sky Trek in Arenal

Once you finish up the Tour you can ride down with the Sky Tram or choose the exciting Sky Trek option: is a secure system of trails and zip lines, in the Arenal Rain Forest Reserve that offers visitors the opportunity to observe and appreciate the nature from different vantage points. This is a Canopy Tour with high quality cables running from mountain to mountain zigzagging back to the base.

The Center for Arboreal Activities Tree Top Walk -NEW!

(Climbings, Trails -Birds)

After following the south interamerican road  we stop for breakfast at he cross point known as El Empalme en la Cafetería La Ruta del Café. Enjoying a hot drink we are ready to drive to El Centro de Actividades de Arboreales (Tree Top Walk) . It is located in Providencia de Dota, 13 km from the little town known as Copey de Dota. In the primary forest of oak trees in the Los Santos forest reservation  there you will find the tree top climb. A completely different way of climbing in many different high altitudes  up to 40 meters, will show you a new experience.  Using a save string system and a guide, who joins you during the entire climb, makes this activity very special. This means to get to the top of the tree by using a system of staples, leaving one by one behind you, until you reach the last staple of the tree. Now, it is up to you, if you want to get down by using the free fall  system and enjoying another unforgettable experience. Finished once with that incomparable activity we go to the restaurant Cascadas del Savegre and try a delicious lunch. After lunch you may have the opportunity to walk along the riverbank of the Río Savegre (the 5th clean river of the world and the 3rd in Central America). Here you can see parts of the settling from the origins of this little town.   At the end of the walk we are in another primary forest, where we practice climbing in the holes of the strangler fig tree, taking advantage of an incredible sight from the top of the trees going down with the string system or climbing back down inside of the tree.
Include: Transport, entrances, breakfast, lunch and Guide

Colinas del Poas Canopy Tour -NEW!

It is a cable adventure. It consists of personal sliding by gravity, using harness and special pulleys, through a system of high cables and platforms installed in the trees. The objective of this adventure is not only to enjoy the canopy, but to go through walking tracks for a closer observation of the woods. Cable system, It consists of 14 steel cables, tensed and anchored between trees and underground structures, with a weight capacity of 3000 kg. The final cable measures 600 m. approximately. The total cable ride is 2 Km. long. Platforms. The place has 24 treated hard-wood platforms. Most of them are at floor level, and in other cases suspended in trees, at a maximum height of 6.8 m. Each platform has capacity for 12 persons. Walking tracks. They connect platforms and allow a better contact with flora and fauna. All of them are flat-stone covered, with steps, poles and security ropes in the required areas. The walking tracks are 800 m long. Total length of the walking tracks is 800 m. The steepest track has 60 steps and the longest is 250 m long with a smooth slope.

San Lorenzo Canopy Tour

Definitely an adventure you don't want to miss!! This is one is a lifetime experience which consist of sliding from platform to platform, simply like flying through the canopy. The San Lorenzo canopy is located on 55 hectares conservation tropical forest and beautiful farm, which produces orchids and ornamental plants. The total length of the 10 cables is 5600 feet with 12 platforms functioning today.

Canopy San Jose de la Montaña

Located in the city of Heredia, Canopy Adventure is to 45 minutes from the capital and to 30 minutes from the Juan Santamaría International Airport. Within the national park Braulio Carrilo, the third national but great park of Costa Rica, Canopy Adventure is in the only rainy-cloudy forest of the Central Valley under the skirts of Barva Volcano.   
The suspended 11 platforms, ten of them on top of gigantic Oak trees (200-400 yrs old) very common in this forest and one on a gigantic Cypress tree, very common in this area.
We connected the platforms with steel cables, making 80 to 650 feet long zip lines, on which you will be crossing several times the canyon and waterfalls of the Porrosatí river, flying up to 180 feet above the ground. The adventure also takes you through this protected old-grown forest on aerial trails, walking through the hollow trunk of a Ficus tree, with beautiful views of the Central Valley and the Barva Volcano. The Canopy is part of an 1500 acre big private property, used as a milk farm, grow of Cypress wood for harvesting and orchids for local sale. The almost 700 acres old grown- forests, of which the adventure take part, are under protection, on an conservation program to "sell oxygen and save the forest".
This half-day tour takes from 1 1⁄2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the group.

Sensational Cable
Duration: 4 hours

Have you ever wondered what Tarzan and Jane felt like soaring through the trees? Well, here's your chance to find out! Your tour begins with a comfortable 90 minutes ride through the beautiful countryside. Climbing the up the hills we will get the town of Turrubares , where is located the beautiful tropical park TURUBARI. To enter the Park we take the Aerial Tram, which has a magnificent view of the forest and the river.
You will never forget this experience, which guarantees you 1200 meters of secure and comfortable sliding adventure You'll be travelling about 100 km/hr ending into the park having a bird's eye-view of the park's scenery from up above.
After this great experience, you will have the opportunity to taste the local flavours of the Costa Rican cuisine in one of the 2 restaurants Turubari offer to all of our guests.

Waterfalls Canopy Tour at Jaco Beach

Our Canopy Tour consists of 13 platforms , 7 zip lines, a Tarzan Swing, a 3 story tree house, suspension bridges and a 90 foot rappel. In addition, we also offer the Jungle Adventure Challenge which can be taken "just for fun" or as a team-building activity for groups.
Waterfalls Canopy Tour offers easy access to nearby hotels and transfers by vehicle to the site. It is located just 2 kilometers north of Jaco, near the Carara Biological Reserve.


Manuel Antonio Canopy Safari

Our canopy course consists of 18 platforms, 9 "zip lines", and 3 rappel lines.    We are the only canopy tour in Costa Rica with three repel lines, which adds much more excitement for the clients.  Our expert guides assist the clients in this exciting journey through the different layers of virgin and secondary rainforest.  They point out and explain the many different types of flora and fauna; from poison dart frogs, to the "walking palm tree".  As a result; at the end of the tour our clients are able to walk away with a newfound knowledge of Costa Rican wildlife.
 WHAT TO BRING: sturdy shoes, shorts, camera, insect repellent, bathing suit, towel, change of clothes in rainy season.

Waterfall rappelling-Arenal

Your trip begins with a 30-minute 4x4 drive into the tropical rainforest outside the town of La Fortuna, in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano.
We trek through the forest on magical trails that lead to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica, a place very few people get to experience. Along the way we will have the chance to discover the secrets that lie hidden deep within the canyon.
From the first waterfall we will rappel down from the top into the beautiful and pristine canyon below. The adventure includes four rappels, three of which are along waterfalls, and one dry rock face. Then just a short trek out of the canyon, jump in the vehicles and head back to the base camp.

Rappelling Tour from San Jose

Duration 1/2 Day
Minimum: 4 pax
Includes: Transport (roundtrip) , all equipment, instruction, snack lunch.

Our tour offers rappeling for the enjoyment of begginers as well as those with some experience. All safety precautions are taken into account and our guides have ample knowledge and experience.
Our tour begins travelling west towards the town of Grecia. We set up at a place known as Los Chorros with a 40 meter waterfall.
Upon arrival everyone will be outfitted with a harness, helmetcarabiner and will be connected to a safety line. A brief description and instruction will get you ready for this exciting adventure.
One of the guides will rappel down first to provide safety and assitance at the bottom. Once your turn to rappel comes the guide will set the rappel device on the rope and attach it with a carabiner to your harness as well as the safety rope. You will begin on a gentle slope and about halfway it comes to an almost vertical wall.
Once you get to the bottom the guide will unclip you from the rope and assist you. After everyone has rappelled we will have a snack lunch at the bottom (depending on weather).

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