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Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is the latest in a series of "Thrill Sports," activities like parachuting and tight rope walking, which are exciting because they kill you when something, over which you have no control, goes wrong.

However, unless you've got a heart condition or back problems you should be able to bungee jump with no fear of injury.

Costa Rica's bungee jumping hot spot is the "Viejo Puente sobre el Rio Colorado," ("The Old Bridge over the Colorado"). If you think jumping off an old bridge is baby stuff, think again. The fall from bridge to terra firma is 300 feet. This is a long way to fall. You will have plenty of time to ask yourself, "Why did I do this?" before the bungee cord snatches you back to safety or not.

Usually, jumps here are made with a one hundred foot bungee cord, which stretches to two hundred feet before it stops the jumpers fall.

The Old Bridge is located about half an hour west of San Jose. Jumps are usually made Saturday and Sunday mornings, but groups can arrange for special jumping sessions


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